With GOD all things are possible.

Friday, June 17, 2011

So this is how it started...

      I was out shopping with my mom, and I noticed some really cute earrings. So, I went to take a closer look at them and the price tag. When I looked at the price tag,AHHH! $35 BIG ONES!

      A little while later, I told my mom about the earrings and she said they caught her eye too,until the price  tag caught more of her attention, she tried to forget about them. My mom then mentioned that she has a friend in P.A. that's really into jewelry and said that her daughter,Hannah is bringing some of her jewelry kit stuff.I was excited, curious and well ,... excited!

       When my mom's friend arrived with her daughter  I ran out to meet them!After all, I haven't seen either of them since I was really little.

          Once we were inside I quickly took Hannah up to my room. After Hannah and I talked in my room awhile, the subject of jewelry slowly started to be brought up. Hannah then, asked if I would like to make earrings. I pretty much shouted "YES!" ... and before you know it she was teaching me how to make jewelry.

      A few months later , in December, my mom went to P.A. for who knows what and I stayed home with my brothers , and my dad! We had loads of fun , except for the fact that I STILL didn't know what my mom was up to! UGH!

       Christmas Morning:  I opened up a jewelry bag with a bunch of different compartments."Was this it?!?!?!?" I questioned myself. My mom interrupted my thoughts by saying "Look in the pockets!" I looked at my mom and then my dad,... both had HUGE smiles on there faces! "Could there be more?" I thought. "What are you waiting for?!!!?" my dad asked.

    5 minutes later: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! In ALL the pockets were awesome jewelry,beads, string,tools,bags, you name it! I was SO excited ! Since then, I've gotten tons more beads and made alot more jewelry!