With GOD all things are possible.


This "Smile" tab is simply just to brighten somebody's day. Sometimes there will be a funny clean comedy video and sometimes it will be a cute comment from my little brother, whatever it is it's bound to brighten your day!


So one day when we(my mom myself and my 2 younger brothers) were driving to the grocery store we passed a house with a pond in front of it, In the middle of that pond was a fountain. Once we passed by my little toddler brother gasped"MOM!Those people are so lucky!They have a pond in front of their house-WITH A WHALE IN IT!!!!!"HA!HA!

The 3 stages of life:
1.You believe in Santa Claus
2.You don't believe in Santa Claus
3.You look like Santa Claus

Lu Wong and Mi Wong got married. A year goes by and they have a baby. The nurse brings out the baby  and it is a white baby. The nurse asks,"So Mr. and Mrs.Wong,what will you name your baby?"Lu Wong looks at his wife and then back to the nurse and says,"Well, two Wongs don't make a white,...so I think we'll name him...

(scroll down)

....Sum Ting Wong"
(you know you laughed.)

watch this video!


  1. Hahahahahaha these videos were great Audrey!!! Definitly made me laugh :)