With GOD all things are possible.


I got home from camp yesterday afternoon.Now first lets rewind to 2 weeks ago.....
So on a Thursday we got a call from a camp I wanted to go to but it was all full. They said "Hello,this is Natasha from camp Tapawingo and we wanted to let you know we have a cancellation and we would love Audrey to come this week! You can call me back at :(blah)-blah-blah ( can't give away the number!)
So,I got really excited and I packed 10 bags full of useless nothings that I was sure I would use it in the week I was there.Then my mom reminded me I was going for a week not a year so I narrowed it down to 3 bags.
My grandma actually called and put me on the cancellation list and I was ever so grateful!
They had so many things to do at this camp! It was SO much fun and there were such Godly young woman and counselors there. I really drew closer to the Lord. I also made some great friends! The really cool part is the whole camp is on an Island! Well,I got to go...

p.s. Happy Birthday to my friend Kylee!
This past weekend we went to a homeschool conference! It was a lot of fun! We even got to meet Todd Wilson and his family there! To top that off we went to dinner with them! It was SO much fun! My brothers enjoyed his sons around their age and I really enjoyed his daughter Kathryn.
There were a lot of great speakers there  and I got TONS of fun books also!
My brother is leaving in 5 days to go to a camp for 2 weeks! I am going to miss him tons but it will be nice to have a break from him.Now...if only I could think of a way to get rid of my other brother,Jack!(evil laugh) Just Kidding (or am I)
Okay so yesterdays concert was aMaZiNg! I got an autograph!!!She was really nice and she was pregnant! Her and her husband look so cute together!

When we were in the concert our phones were on vibrate so we couldn't hear it ringing when my dad was calling to say...WE HAVE A NEW CALF! PENNY HAD HER BABY! My brothers got to expeirience the whole thing!They even got to reach into her and pull the baby out!...It's a boy sadly. We named him though,I thought of the name Isaiah and I would call him Izze, and then my brother chimed in and said "oh yeah! so that way when we are eating him I can say "Izze good" " (is he good)....Sam(my brother) has no heart I say!
Pictures to come!
Tonight I am going to a Laura Story concert!EEP! I can't wait! 
P.S. Penny looks REALLY fat!
Today I got my palette expander in! UGH! It hurts like CrAzY! The orthodontist says I will get used to it.hmmmm...
I have this thing on for 3 months,the,my braces get on and I get to be fortunate enough to have my palette expander on for another 3 months with my braces then, I have my braces on for another 15 months at least!YAY!!!(sob,sob,sob)
Happy Birthday MoM! I wish you the happiest day and I thank God for giving us such an awesome loving mother like you! Dad is truly blessed to have you as a wife and I am proud to say you're my mom!(unless you're acting all funny around my friends like you do and they laugh and I turn red...that's when I question my friends why they are laughing at someone I for sure don't know!)(or when you TRY to dance around the house when you're vacuuming!)
Today my dad,me,and Kylee went to go pick up Esther,Penny,and Martha from the farm.Esther's pregnant again! Penny,might have gotten pregnant back in September but we weren't sure so we just sent her along just in case and Martha had to go because she is still nursing on Esther.
It was a lot of fun trying to get the cows in to the trailer. Penny recognized me right away and I recognized her right away too in a pen of 30+ cows. She ran right up to me and nuzzled her nose into my side and mooed!She so cute! I love her so much!(yes,I love my pet cow. If you say I'm weird, I say you wouldn't understand because you don't understand the bond between Penny and I!)(that was kind of like a joke...not funny...) Kylee made friends with this one cow and my dad's friend that runs the farm said that all of those 50+ cows were getting slaughtered in a few days...Kylee immediately backed away and screamed really loud because just as she backed away she bumped into a pen and the donkey that was in it eee-awed really loud!(isn't that the sound that donkeys make?)We had a lot of fun that day!
We arrived home from Florida yesterday and we weren't home for more than an hour and my mom invited my best friends family over for dinner.-FUN!-My friend got me a present and while I was in Florida we sent packages to each other filled w/ goodies!Okay,I  am pausing the update to tell a story...----One week before we left to go to Florida I went to A.C.Moore w/ my best friend,Kylee (I have many best friends,Kylee is one of them and I didn't want anybody to get mixed up and feel left out :) )...okay so...we were in A.C.Moore and her mom was with us.We were looking at beads and I saw this really pretty owl charm that I wanted-but-alas (chuckle..."alas" just sounded funny...okay back to the story)so I didn't have enough money.We were running short on time because we had to be somewhere so we left.Fast forward 2 weeks-(I am in Florida) I got the mail and there was the second "goodie package" from Kylee. I opened it up and there were a bunch of pretty and yummy things in it...then,on the bottom of the box was-(I bet your all  "oh my goodness! what is it...is it the owl?GASP!")...at the bottom of the box was...THE OWL!!!(you knew it was coming) I almost cried!(not really, but doesn't the story sound so much more dramatic and sorrowful that way?)Anyways,long story short I have a great friend.
Okay-back to reality!In Florida we went to Disney,Epcot,and we stayed at the Hilton Resort! It.was.awesome.
I have to go do random things now so...BYE!
P.S.While we were in Florida my dad took the cows over to a different farm to get pregnant again!

Well,I am enjoying the nice sunny weather of Florida. My hair is still wet from swimming and then we went out to breakfast @ Chick-fil-a!!! When we stayed w/ our friends we had it for breakfast,lunch and dinner the second day we stayed there!We don't have one of those up north so we are enjoying it as much as we can!
Our friends that we stayed w/ in Atlanta are building a house right now so my mom was helping w/ some decorating ideas. Mrs.Thompson(our friend) took us to "World Market"and ...WOW!!! It's like Pier 1 Imports but better and less expensive and bigger!!! I got SO many things from there it's crazy! 
<Back to Florida> Okay so our grandparents and my dad are coming soon!!!(my dad still had to work so he is coming next weekend and my grandparents are coming and leaving in April) I have to go and eat my breakfast and find the bible verse on the bottom of my cup (:D) so,bye!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Florida! SUPER excited! We will stop at our cousins house,a friends house and an aquarium on our way down to our "Florida House."  


       So my parents surprised us (my brothers and I) by getting us kittens! Don't worry,pictures are coming!There is Lucy and Ricky,from the "I LoVE LuCY" show.I can't get enough of it! My mom explains to people how much I love that show by saying " She can put on any episode,...mute it,...and say every single word!Emotions,hand gestures and all!I grew up with it!Anyways,that's why we named our kittens Lucy and Ricky.Lucy gave me a huge cut on my hand though.But I guess that's what I get for giving her a bath and blow drying,or at least TRYING to blow dry her fur!Ha!Ha!

My friend and I write back in forth to each-other and in the last letter there were glass rocks/stones/beads that he wants me to use for my business and make some jewelry with it! How nice?Pictures to come!


got milk?
In this picture is Martha(the baby) and Esther (the mom)
Here's more pictures!(and more on the way!)
And in this picture is Esther (the mom...again) and Penny(then the baby ...now a full grown cow)

             My cow,Esther had her calf!...AND IT IS A GIRL!!!!I am kind of upset that we didn't get to see it happen....

          It's only October and we have 13 inches of snow along with GREAT sledding hills! I After sledding,I am now in my room sitting on my cozy couch ,with my laptop in my lap,my tea on my nightstand,my "WORLD'S MOST SOFTEST" slippers on my chilly feet, and behind me, my big window overlooking the 300 acres of mountains with a white blanket of snow covering it all. Could it be any cozier?

          Last weekend my mom's friend,her husband,and her daughter all came to stay for the weekend and Hannah,the daughter, ended up staying for a week! She is actually the one who introduced me to making jewelry! I talked about her on the home page in "So this is how it started..."
We had alot of fun together and she just got a new Australian puppy,Mason. My littlest brother Jack,just fell absolutely in love with Mason and cried for days after he left!....He even slept with a picture of him and Mason together!How Sweet?The picture up top is Jack and Mason.Jack was trying his best not to cry for the picture because he said he might make Mason cry as well.

These pictures are of my golden retriever,Abby and Mason.And Me and Mason on my quad that I mentioned earlier that I drive one!

          So today is 10/23/11 and my cow , Esther is going to have her baby either today or tomorrow ! We are SUPER excited! I really hope it's a girl,if it's a boy we have to either sell him or EAT him!ummmmm....

           I'll keep you updated with stories and pics!


    So I went on a wonderful ,glorious 2 week vacation,tanning,swimming,hanging out with friends, watching 12 preschoolers...it was a blast. My dad could come only on the weekends because of work. The 2nd weekend my dad came I over heard a conversation he is having,...and couldn't help to hear that my dad is bringing our COWS to our house-AND STAYING THERE!AHHHHHHH! I guess I had about,80 million different emotions running through my brain at that moment.

    But before you start to think "Wait a second,this person has cows?!?!?!What?Huh?Wait-WHAT?"Just let me explain how it all started. Three years ago on my birthday I decided not to have a big party. So instead I just had my one of my best friends ,Tara sleepover-it was a blast.On top of that my dad took my 2 younger brothers out to an auction. My mom thought it was a furniture auction. She was  thinking about the boys coming home with all this great furniture! -Yeah,she was SO wrong.

     Around 9:00 p.m. my dad and my brothers came home. After greeting them at the door and a few minutes of talking, my dad showed me a picture. It was a picture of a mama cow and her baby girl cow. I looked at it-then at my dad. He announced "Happy Birthday!"and I'm like "WHAT?"

     It turns out that my dad went to a C-O-W auction and brought back 2 cows. Not at our house of course. We kept them at this guys house 45 minutes away from us with all of his cows. Now we have the mama cow,Esther and her bull that she had last year, hear over at our new house. She is pregnant with yet, another cow and could be giving birth this very second! The baby heifer that was in the picture with the mama is over at a different ranch trying to get pregnant. On Friday we are going to a cow show/auction in N.J. We are bringing our bull,Titus(I love that name) to the cow show/auction and giving him to a guy from Virginia to bring back with  him to give our bull a bull test to see if he is a good breeding bull-if not-we eat him.:D LOL!(I AM SO SERIOUS)At the cow show /auction we are going to bring back 2 heifers(girl cows) too.

       So I not only baby-sit, make jewelry,quad,deal with my brothers,cook,clean and be a good friend and daughter(ok,ok,)TRY to be a good friend and daughter AND sister... I AM A FARM GIRL NOW TOO!

A girl cow that is not a baby.Ready to mate and multiply.

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