With GOD all things are possible.

Thank You !

This page is mainly for "Thank You's" from me and to me.Feel free to write a "thank you."

I just want to say "thank you" to my mom who's been SO very supportive to me and my business.She is always putting GOD in the center of anything and everything we do,and I thank you.You have been such a role-model to me,inspiring me with new ideas!(I would and will say "No Thank You" to you pointing out ALL the comas I am missing when I am typing on my blog thank you! :D )

I also want to say thank you to my dad.My dad has been very helpful to me in just showing GOD in everything he does.Dad,you are SO very humble and I thank you for that too.You are my "MANly role-model" in life,and you are my very loving,Papa Sita!

To Sam and Jack,my two younger brothers,thank you,....I don't know what for, but, thank you!XO

To Tami!Thank you SO very much for supporting me through this business and helping me with the pictures for my jewelry and helping me with my business cards!XO

Also to Jenna and Jadyn my friends who have been with me all the way!

To Kylee,my very best friend who has always been there and it has been so much fun beading together.

Last one,I promise!I want to say thank you to Miss.Becca,you are helping and supporting me through my business and I just want to say thank you,thank you,thank you!Also,you where one of my very first customers and I can't express how much you made my day that day!

Okay,maybe just one more!Thank you to Miss.Lynn and Hannah for "inspiring" me to start making jewelry,and also for giving me tips and tricks to making more and more jewelry!

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