With GOD all things are possible.

Q and A's

Q: How can I write anything on your blog?

A: In the right corner on the top of the home page there is a little gray and black thing saying "join this site", click on that. Then different things will pop up, sign in or create a user name . You can also put a picture  with your user name. Say your user name is "funnychicken12345" with a picture of your kid with a snowball in his face. Then, every time you write on my blog it will say "posted by:funnychicken12345, with a picture you chose with your user name.

F.Y.I. : Your user name does NOT have to be funnychicken12345!

Q: How can I get one of your business cards?

A: Well ,if you buy some of my jewelry I always attach one with the package.But if you really want one just to have one,then I will send you one in the mail,...just ask!...I'll be happy to do it!

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